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Version: 65
Experience Rate: 10x
Meso Rate: 1x
Drop Rate: 2x

Welcome to Luminia | Posted by Kuns on 10.11

Welcome to Luminia!

When did your server release?

  • Our server is current in beta.

What makes Luminia special compared to other servers?

  • Our server grants players to have unlimited access to all of their favorite cosmetics for free!
  • Players to have access to their favorite cash equipments without being tied to a pay wall!
  • Contents and quests up to Stone Colossus.
  • Boss Contents up to Black Mage.
  • Fully functional quests, PQ's, job advancements
  • Close knit community with active staffs
  • & many more!

Join our discord channel to be updated with all of our current patches, suggestions, bug logs!

We hope to see you all soon!

- Luminia Staff





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