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Features | Posted by Kuns on 10.04

Comprehensive Features

HP Washing

Players are given the option of washing via ap reset scrolls purchased through NX. Peridots drop globally and may be exchanged for additional HP/MP gain to give more survivability.

Stronger Anti-Cheat Systems

Detect abnormal gameplay or advantages given to players. Stronger consequences given to those that break the rules.

Anti AFK System

Random Macro popup generation that must be entered within the time limit. Players are warped to a lobby upon being AFK for a certain period of time.

Navigation FM Button

Players can access a gameplay menu with custom features at any given time.

Skill Changes

Certain classes have gotten a boost in damage to match with popular favorites to give more diversity. Certain weapons have also gotten a significant boost in damage multipliers to allow more diversity in itemization.

Free Cosmetics

Unlike other servers, cosmetics for characters are all unlocked and free for our players Enjoy up to date hairstyles and eyes! Unlock your cash items from higher versions without the paywall!

Daily Attendance

Get rewarded for logging in and playing the game!

Search Drops

Why make a library when you can search for the items you want in game?


Aim to be the best at something with many different categories in game.

Item Transfer / Gifting

Locked away by undroppables or one-of-a-kind item? Dont be restricted! Use the gifting feature with a scissor of karma to transfer your choice of item.

Smega Announcement

Tired of trying to find a guild or party for PQ? Use our safe free smega system to announce globally exactly what you are looking for under a short cooldown.


Players can travel the old traditional way OR Complete a certain amount of quests at each town to unlock permanent town warps Including Boss Expedition maps!


Grind your cash by either collecting droppable nx coupons OR Vote for our server on our website to get 3000 nx!

PQ Tweaked in experience to encourage party play and meeting new players All of your favorite PQ's are fully functional!


Contents finished after pinkbean right? Wrong! 


Perfect scrolling? You're not done! Enhance your gears that boosts your damage!


Wondering where your next set of gears and accessories come from? With the wonders of crafting of course! Find customized hidden crafting formulas in game and collect the necessary items.

ctive development

Our developers are here to bring you the most enjoyment when playing Luminia. We do our best to fix all known bugs that are reported in a reasonable amount of time. We hope to continue adding onto our feature list during official launch to make the server more original to our name.

Guild System

et rewarded to be in a guild! Work together to unlock all of the guild perks. 1) Grants a set WA/MA to all guild members depending on level. 2) Grants boss damage % to all guild members depending on level. 3) Grants up to 5 charges / day for 30 minutes an additional 1.5x EXP and Drop rate to all guild members.

Family System

All buffs, including the exp buffs / drop buffs are fully functional.

Community / GM Events

Get rewarded for event participation! Work together as a community to complete events to unlock weekend hot times. (2x EXP, 2x Drops)

Fully Translated

Our KMS server is 99% completely translated to English. Enjoy the difference in regions, monsters, and features.

World Boss

Stay Tuned

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